“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” 

- Albert Einstein.

The Encounter between ONF & Botanica

2019 was the time ONF met Botanica, an Australian design team specializing in object creation for the style conscious and miniature garden lovers. 


Growing from a love for nature and the magical world of terrariums, this team learned about mosses growth and sustainability in microclimates, designed desktop products to house their delicate findings named Sanctuary.


We’re eager to share sanctuary with you not only because it satisfies both a passion for nature and contemporary design, but also for its concept, which coincides on the idea we’ve been trying to convey as we developed different lights for indoor plants and large aquarium: to bring the nature in. 

Sanctuary Rainforest

⊘16 cm x 14 cm / ⊘9 cm x 8.7 cm

Sanctuary Rainforest designed with the closed top acts a small greenhouse to keep moss and moisture loving plants for extended periods of time. The teardrop form of the top directs condensation back onto the foliage, emulating nature’s water cycle. 



Condensation is normal phenomenon of the Sanctuary Rainforest. Spritz twice or weekly as required. You can gently press the moss to feel how much water it is holding too. If you think the moss is too wet or rotting, open the vents and give some indirect sunlight. Water less.

Sanctuary Temperate

⊘16 cm x 14 cm

Sanctuary Temperate is designed with the open top suitable for plants that require a moist environment yet still need airflow and room to grow, like ferns, foliage plants and flowering plants.



Choose a position for your Sanctuary according to the care instructions of the plant. As a general guide, check your plants for watering once a week or water when soil is dry to touch. Regular misting can help maintain a humid environment for plants that require it. 

Sanctuary Arid

⊘16 cm x 14 cm

Sanctuary Arid comes with the plant insert which provides more room for soil and other medium, a perfect environment for succulents and carnivous plants which thrive in well draining and ventilation.



Choose a position for your Sanctuary according to the care instructions from the plant tags and water as recommended. Users could pierce the insert for marble and concrete bases to drain excess water. 

A More Natural Lifestyle

We selected 5 different natural materials from Oak, Smoked Oak, Carrara, Concrete to Recycled Plastics, with which you could suit all types of indoor plants and personalize your living space.

- Let’s set up your Sanctuary -

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