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商品總數的上限為 100 件,請調整數量再點擊購買

【MIST O 植霧光】隨吸植物培育燈具

①For international order, please type the all information (recipient, full address) in English.
②According to the import regulations of various countries, there may be taxation situations that need to be borne by the buyers themselves.
③Additional fees, import duties, etc. incurred at the time of delivery are at the buyer's expense.
④If the package cannot be sent successfully due to the following reasons, and the contact cannot be contacted within 2 days, the package will be processed by return:
*The original address or contact number is incorrectly filled
*The contact person is unknown
*The designated delivery location cannot be delivered
*Reject to receive the shipment
We will notify you by e-mail that the returned order will be cancelled, and will deduct the actual return shipping costs and the tariffs of the two places, and return the original order balance.


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