Flat One+,  More Powerful than Ever


Find The Right One For You


App Control Integration


Memory Functions

Warm & White (3000-6500K)

Increased 20% in brightness, Flat One+ (YW) mimic the natural effect of sunrise & sunset for your freshwater tank, right for Zen Style lovers and Warm & Cozy House Style. 


Blue & White (6500-20500K)

Providing a more complete spectrum, Flat One+ (BW) is suitable for both saltwater & freshwater tanks to create the Natural Aquarium Style.

Vivid and larger than life

ONF exclusive customized ColorFull LED for all range plants, which is combining advantage of three wavelengths and full spectrum light color, the color is closer to the real but more dazzling, which brightens up the aquatic plants vividly and clearly.

Natural color development techniques

The wide-area color rendering technology of ColorFull LED, which not only provides the wavelengths required by plants but also complements the spectrum of other bands, making the color more stereoscopic and vivid.

The Most Natural Experience

As natural sunlight, after any adjustment, Flat One+ will gradually alter its brightness and color temperatures in 5 minutes in order to protect human eye and acclimate the underwater inhabitants to the changes without being shocked.

Customized Light Schedule

Under daylight circle of ONF Link, users can customize their own light schedule; arrange it into five periods at most with different color temperatures and brightness levels. To create a natural environment for aquarium tank inhabitants and implement a circadian rhythm.



A More Thoughtful Design 

Built in with memory function, Flat One+ has optimized the user experience.

- What did they say -

I specializes in nature landscapes, which are as detailed as possible and are particularly beautiful when illuminated with ONF Flat One+

We love the view on the lush green plants and the vivid animals that are illuminated by the great Flat One+ whose design compliments the minimalistic interior of our flat very well