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618 年中慶|全站最高85折 |買就送贈品 |滿額回饋8%

38 x 25 x 24 (cm) | Green Slovak Therapy


| Tank Info


◼︎ Tank Size:Opti White Nano tank – 38 x 25 x 24


◼︎ Product:Flat Nano | The planted aquarium lighting (Silver) / Flat Nano+ | The lighting stand kit (Black)


◼︎ Lighting Period : 8 hours per day / Light Intensity 100%


| Plant and Live Stock Info


◼︎ Rotala Rotundifolia ◼︎ Rotala Rotundifolia green ◼︎ Rotala H’ra ◼︎ Rotala Indica ◼︎ Anubias 'Petite' (tree) ◼︎ Eleocharis Mini ◼︎ Pogostemon Erectus ◼︎ Hygrophila Pinafitida ◼︎ Clithon Corona ◼︎ Neritina ◼︎ Black Neon Tetra ◼︎ Amano Shrimp ◼︎ Neocaridina Shrimp


| Ferts & Water Care


◼︎ No ferts using here, no additives, only Seachem Prime (weater change)

◼︎ Water change – once a week 50%


| Artist Info


◼︎ Aquascaping Designer:greenslovaktherapy


◼︎ Country:Slovakia 斯洛伐克


◼︎ Product review:

This attractively designed light impresses not only by the integrated dimmer, which can be operated via an innovative touch control directly on the lamp, but also by the special features of the lighting. The colors of the plants are perfectly represented by the color spectrum of the LEDs and the slow increase in illuminance when switching on the lamp protects eyes and aquarium inhabitants. Vivid, bright but natural colours. Green is beautifully green. Fish and shrimp under this lighting look beautiful natural, deep colors


If you decide for the ONF Flat Nano with a Stand variant, you will definitely not regret it. With the Stand for Flat Nano and Flat Nano + you can turn this lamp into a Flat Nano Stand. Thanks to the secure base, the lamp can also be used for example, round Wabi Kusa vessels. The stand is suitable for aquariums and Wabi Kusas up to a size of 18 x 24 cm. Two different colour variations are available. (black and silver)