#ONFCorner is a scape, a greenery, a space, a relaxing spot, and our favorite corner.

Each scene is unique, and every day it changes with the light and shadow

The book which conveys the ONF minimalist aesthetics and shares the people who love the products of ONF in the world.


ONF has been reflecting on the pursuit of work-life balance; the studio, in turn, has become the perfect place to realize our ideals. Incorporated with home furnishings, the working place is also vitalized by plenty of greenery, which can not only relieves the work stress, but brings us closer to ONF users in the process of observing and taking care of the plants.



Social media brings the world closer together and let us easily have a glance of how worldwide ONF users diligently build their #ONFCorner based on their own cultural backgrounds; how they light up the living place with this minimalistic aesthetics lighting.



18 ONF lovers sharing their passions on building their own # ONFCorners.



| 2017-2019 | Conveying ONF concept and stories behind the design through different exhibitions.



Proudly made in Taiwan, renowned for the simple and delicate design, ONF is now found all over the world.