ONF with UNS 

In 2019, ONF met Ultum Nature Systems, a leading American aquarium brand with the same goals with us. We are committed to integrating product design into home style. We launched a co-branding desktop planted plant lighting, so that more plant lovers have better lighting options.

ONF with CNFlower

2018 Through the cross-over with CNFlower, we will extend our love of plants from undersea to the land, from aquatic plants to amphibian plants, and present our first product together - CNFlower x ONF FLAT NANO STAND. Hope to bring the vitality of plants into our living environment, and let the amazing power of green life sink into our everyday lives, and create a beautiful urban lifestyle profoundly connected to nature.

ONF with Botanize 

In 2018, the EXOTIC PLANT CULTIVATION LIGHT was jointly created with the well-known Japanese fashion brand BOTANIZE, which was first exposed and sold at BLACK MARKET in Tokyo, Japan. For the first time, the road to cross-brand cooperation has been opened.

Except to design the best products, we also expect to find the wonderful scene in every space. Besides, ONF not only produce the product 


but also cooperatewith various artisans in different areas. Welcome to supply your information to create more artworks with us!