Present ONF concept, design and products in every exhibition

Taoyuan Agricultrue Expo

2019 | Taiwan-Taoyuan


Five & Nine Top Aquarium invited by Taoyuan Agricultrue Expo, exhibited several aqiariums and crystal shrimp display tanks in ”New World of Fish” area. The amazing 240cm aquarium and the beautiful crystal shrimp became must-see hot spots in the exhibition hall. Take everyone to explore the beautiful Atlantis and learn about the world-class champion crystal shrimp and guppy that are internationally renowned!


Cooperation | 五九精品水族

Light and scene

2019 | Taiwan-Taipei


ONF especially made a crossover cooperation with Jerry Chang Aqua Design, the illustrator Blue Tunnel and Fnac to organize an innovative aquatic art exhibition, Light and Scene, at the heart of Taipei City. This exhibition telling the brand history, the concept and stories behind ONF products were also revealed in the event, where had been featured with a wide series of aquatic scenery crafted by Jerry Chang and the live mural creation painted by Blue Tunnel, stretching for almost 7 meters.


Cooperation | 張軒誠水景空間設計、藍色隧道、Fishbook、法雅客


Zoomark Bologna

2019 | Italy-Bologna

ONF participated in the overseas aquarium pet exhibition for the first time, and invited three local Italian aquascape creators to create the ONF Aquascape room, attracting fans from all over the world to join in the grand event.

Cooperation | Nicoló Ruggeri, Nicolas Baccani, Alberto Farinello

Taichung World Flora Exposition

2018 | Taiwan-Taipei


Taichung World Flora Exposition invites ONF and Jerry Chang Aquascaping to cooperate in the special exhibition, exhibiting eight planted aquariums of variety of aquatic plants at one time, introducing more people to understand the different appearances of aquatic plants.


Cooperation | 張軒誠水景空間設計

The Scenery of Taiwan

2018 | Taiwan-Taipei


ONF invited seven renowned Taiwanese aquascape artists to design seven scapes of Taiwan and turned them into a miniature water art. The sceneries included Pingtung Yila Waterfall, Penghu Tongliang Gurong, Yangming Mountain Dream Lake and Taoyuan Lala Mountain. These 30 cm cube tanks not only presented the breathtaking aquascapes, but also brought back the beautiful memories for us, making us fall in love with Taiwan again.


Cooperation | 囍樹有限公司、陳盈儒、許才力、李啟瑞、陳松儐、水族范店、張榮哲、張軒誠

Led Taiwan Expo

2018 | Taiwan-Taipei


In 2017, ONF was invited to join Taiwan's largest annual lighting industry event “2017 Taiwan Int'l Lighting Show". Hosted by the International Trade Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. ONF displayed the flagship product Flat One and introduced the development process of Flat One. It was also a precious opportunity to communicate with lighting and aquascape enthusiasts.


Cooperation | 張軒誠水景空間設計、水族范店 藝術景觀水草造景設計、Nature Design Aquascaping

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