ONF, it is not only a new noun but a new concept of the lifestyle— Between ON and OFF, you may discover more beautiful moments and enjoy the balance of life.

ONstart an energetic day in the bright space, light up inspiration, filled with an endless energy of work.

OFF, release from a hard work day in the soft light, turns to relaxation, enjoy the leisure.

Between ON and OFF, day and night, fast and slow, compact and relaxed, ONF aims to make a balance of wonderful life.

By discovering every joyful moment in life, whenever reading an attractive book ,gathering with friends or focusing on the work, in these moment, you may choose the most suitable lighting source for you.

ONFs team has the lighting design base, development and professional manufacture background,we devote to require not only Eco friendly but also high-end design of lighting. 

We hope to popularize the LED lighting to every space, creating the best quality of MIT lighting.