Flat One+ | Four Main Features about Flat One+

✔️ Two versions for your choice

- Warm & White (3000-6500K): Increased 20% in brightness, Flat One+ (YW) mimics the natural effect of sunrise & sunset for your freshwater tank, right for Zen Style lovers and Warm & Cozy House Style.

-Blue & White (6500-20500K): Providing a more complete spectrum, Flat One+ (BW) is suitable for both seawater & freshwater tanks to create the Natural Aquarium Style.

✔️ App Integration

From now on, users can easily manage their ONF Plus series (Flat One+ and Flat Nano+) via ONF Link.

✔️ Customized Lighting Schedule

Under daylight circle of ONF Link, users can customize their own lighting schedule; arrange it into five periods at most with different color temperatures and brightness levels.

✔️ Built-in Memory

No more worried after power failure! ONF Flat One+ will restore its previous setting automatically when powered on.

Flat One+ | Applicable Tanks of Flat One+ Standard

Flat One+ Standard can be applied to the tanks with rim or with glass thickness which is measured under 1.7 cm

(approx. 0.66 inches).

Flat One+ | The Right Choice for Your 120 cm (48 inches) Tank

Generally speaking, for 120 cm tank, one unit of Flat One+ 90 cm can perfectly meet the requirements of aquatic plants, allowing them to thrive. However, if the scape is covered by quite density of plants, which also have high demand for lighting, 2 units of Flat One+ 60 cm will provide them a wider range of illumination and also a better visual appeal. 

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Flat One+ | 5-Minute Gradual Change

While altering between the 2 modes, Flat One+ will gradually change the brightness and the color temperatures within 5 minutes in order to protect human eye and acclimate the underwater inhabitants to the sudden changes without being shocked.

★Tips: When the lamp operation light is flashing, that means the light is now slowly altering its setting.

Flat One+ | One-touch Mode Switching

Users could easily switch Flat One+ between Daylight Circle Mode and Manual Mode by a 10-second touch on the touch panel.

★Tips: As Flat One+ is switched back to the Daylight Circle Mode, the timer indicator light will be lit on, which indicates the light is now accessing its previous setting.

Flat One+ | ONF Link Connection Steps

1. Re-plug the light and ensure the bluetooth indicator light is now flickering blue light

2. Turn on the Bluetooth.

3. Click the "+" on the up-right corner of the APP to search and pair.

4. Connecting it with app before the blue indicator light stop flashing.

Flat Nano+ | Paring Steps

1. Re-plug the light and ensure the bluetooth indicator light is now flickering blue light

2. Turn on the Bluetooth.

3. Click the "+" on the up-right corner of the APP to search and pair.

4. Connecting it with app before the blue indicator light stop flashing.


Flat Nano+ | The Indicator lights

Flat Nano+ | The Memory Function of Flat Nano+

After the power failure, Flat Nano+ will restore its previous setting automatically when powered on within 24 hours.

Flat Nano+ | How to modify the setting under Daylight Circle 

To modify the setting under Daylight Circle mode, users would need to first delete its later groups by sliding them to the left owing to the correlation between each setting time.

ONF Link tutorial>

Flat One|The Plastics Screws of the Standard Style

To fix the Standard Style firmly on the tank, users can open the plate cover on the inside of the light stand and fasten the plastic screws against the tank's two sides, preventing the light from sliding among the glass edge.

Flat One|How to install the Pendant Style?

Step-by-step tutorial video>

Flat One|Suggestion for Non-rectangular Tanks

If your tank's length is not just on 60 or 90 cm, we'd suggest you the Pendant Style, of which installment would be more flexible.

Flat One|Heat Dissipation

The report indicates the pin temperature of the LED is quite close to the aluminum body, which means the produced heat has been dissipated from the light device, ensuring an uninterrupted high-performance. In addtion, the LED of Flat One has approved the LM-80 test. Under the pin temperature of 85℃, LED lifetime can reach more than 50,000 hrs; the light body also falls within the normal range, between 35 - 44℃. In the normalized luminous flux test, under the operating time from 0 - 1400 hrs, Flat One has no envidence of lumen depreciation occured within the range of the experimental error.

Flat One|System Requirements for ONF Remote

ONF Remote runs on iOS 8 or later; on Android 4.4.4 or later.

Flat One|How many light devices can be controlled in group mode?

iOS system supports the connection of 2 - 8 devices, while Android system supports the connection of 2-6 devices. 

Flat One|How many features can be controlled in group mode?

Users can divide the devices into two groups and customize the color temperatures, brightness level and the setting time.

Flat One|What is the range of bluetooth?

Measured under the ideal circumstances, the effective range is up to a 10 meters in an open field.

Flat One|The nature mode of ONF remote

After programmed the starting time, Flat One will work a 11 hours based on the default values of color temperatures and brightness to simulate the natural daylight change.

Flat One|Connection Issue

Step❶ Disconnect the power supply and plug it in again.

Step❷ Open ONF Remote first and then enable the Bluetooth

If problem persists, please restart your mobile phone to release some data usage and retry the above steps.

Flat One|Can users manage Flat One by the touch panel after setting it on the app?

To avoid the misjudgment of programs, after users finish the setting on ONF Remote, the setting would be temporarily interrupted when users touch the power button on the touch panel. To regain the previous setting, users would need to connect their mobile phones to the ONF Remote and press the reset button on the app.